When people in Dandenong talk to me about Bankruptcy, I tell them the traditional Native American Tale of the little boy and the Rattlesnake. An old rattlesnake wants a passing young boy to take him to the mountain top to see one last sunset before he passes away. The boy was unsure, but the rattlesnake swore not to bite him in exchange for the ride. They journeyed side by side only for the snake to ultimately bite the boy regardless his promise not to so. The snake’s reply was ‘You knew what I was when you picked me up.’ – Now it is a tale that is also known as the Scorpion and the Toad, and by many other names, but the message is the same – know what you are getting before you pick it up.

bankruptcyAcquiring the best financial advice in Dandenong with Bankruptcy is a whole lot like that small boy’s journey, stuffed with risk and danger, and usually skewed for the benefit of the person offering the advice. For the most part you’ll get bitten unless you know what you have indeed picked up long before you continue (stay away from the rattlesnakes). I discovered the problem with getting financial advice as a teenager, and it has been essential to Bankruptcy. I ‘d been working really hard for a number of years, and saved up a small amount of money I chose to invest. It was the early 1980s so interest rates were generally fairly high and investing your money was quite financially rewarding. I spent a few years looking into various investment possibilities, and I went to see a few financial advisors. It was obvious that they had more money than I did: they had good suits and elegant offices, they all seemed to project confidence and have all the solutions. What struck me was that they all had a really different concept of just what I should do. This puzzled me so much that it put me off the whole idea of going with any of them.

I’m sure that you have learnt more than enough online to be totally puzzled about Bankruptcy and precisely what to do. It would probably be much simpler for me to help you understand the nature of the financial snakes you may be grasping while you are attempting to get to the bottom of your financial troubles in Dandenong. Basically, you need to try and figure out what your overarching alternatives are, do your own research into where to press on with your plan for Bankruptcy, and then approach what you feel is best in Dandenong for your needs. Ultimately, you have 3 choices for who to turn to.

The first choice is a Solicitor– This may look like the go-to possibility when you seem to be in trouble. But undoubtedly there is only so much support they can provide on this matter. There are certainly specialist legal experts in personal bankruptcy, but their experience comes with a hefty price.

Another possibility you may think about is your accountant– they are incredibly helpful and vital to the process of managing your business, but for the most part, when you are thinking about Bankruptcy, your accountant won’t be much support to you any more.

Your best option? A Financial Counsellor that can detail debt consolidation, personal insolvency agreements, and virtually all you need to know when it concerns Bankruptcy.

If you would like to figure out more about what to do, where to turn and what questions to ask about Bankruptcy, then feel free to talk to Bankruptcy Experts Dandenong on 1300 795 575, or check out our website: www.bankruptcyexpertsdandenong.com.au.

Bankruptcy in Dandenong and how to avoid getting bitten.